Tuesday, March 30, 2021

brawl Stars Gems Simulator Game Review

 Brawl Stars Gems Simulator

Brawl Stars is a gem game based on the famous arcade game of the same title. Developed by Crave Entertainment, it is also the follow-up to their successful Gem series. The gem system in question in Brawl Stars involves jewels that can be collected and later traded for other gems. This leads to a nice collection for every player, allowing them to unlock many levels and characters as they progress through the game.

Players start the game with only one gem. Once all the gems are collected and stored in the game's vault, new ones can be purchased from the shop. Every level in the game comes with four gems that must be collected before proceeding. Once all the gems are used up, the game comes to an end and players move on to the next stage.

A nice addition to the gem game is the unlockable characters. While the majority of the gems are the same color, each character has a special move or special attack. This helps players diversify their playing style, making each session come out a bit different. In addition, each character has its own special ability that can be used against other gems, allowing players to build up an arsenal of moves.

One of the game's key features is the screen capture feature. Players are able to see exactly what is happening on their gem grid at all times, giving them an extra bit of insight into how the game is being played. For example, a player may notice that a particular gem is not being collected properly. By zooming in, they can see that the character holding the gem is trying to collect it using an overhead slam. Using this overhead slam, the player is able to smack the gem into the tiny space between the two characters.

By tapping the play button, players are immediately thrown into the game. It is possible to play against the computer or another player. By selecting one of the two character options, players are thrown into the game with their chosen character. The screen is split between the two players, and only the player who is playing against the computer is visible on the screen. It is possible to switch between characters mid-game by selecting one and then using the other.

To play the game, a player will need to select one of the two characters and select a stage from the main menu. Each level is a self-contained level that is themed depending on the cartoon series the game is based on. As a result, there is a strong connection to the cartoon that makes playing the game fun for children and adults alike. The main goal of the game is to complete all levels and win the game. However, there are several secrets and achievements tied to every stage and completing them will give players a great sense of accomplishment.

Brawl Stars Gems Simulator

Brawl Stars Gems simulator

Throughout the course of the game, gems fall from above and crash through the floor. However, some of these gems explode, creating an explosion of dust that sends the characters flying through the air. They hit various obstacles in the way and have to be avoided or they will lose their gem completely. As the game progresses, more of these characters appear and the levels become harder to complete.

Multiplayer mode is available from within the game. This allows two to four players to compete against each other online. Players can select various game settings and difficulty levels to play against each other. There is no actual competition, but players can still communicate with one another through the chat system. A variety of different gem colors are available, so there is a good chance that players will find a gem they like in this game.

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